2014 Certificate IV in Small Business Management
2014 Doctor of Philosophy, Visual Art, Griffith University
2002 Master of Visual Arts, SCA, Sydney University
1993 Master of Arts Administration, University of NSW
1990 Graduate Diploma of Visual Arts, (SCA) Sydney University 1989 Bachelor of Visual Arts, (SCA) Sydney University

Awards & Grants
2015 Regional Arts Development Fund, Gold Coast
2015 Australia Council, Arts Projects for Individuals & Groups 2010 Arts Queensland Career Development
2009 Australia Council, New Work
2009 Australian Post Graduate Award
2008 Asia Link Residency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2005 Australia Council, New Work
2004 Arts Queensland, Grants Program for the Arts
1998 Australia Council, Studio Residency, Greene Street NYC

Selected Individual Exhibitions
2012 A party disguised as work or work disguised as a party Boxcopy, Brisbane
Present Day Art In Australia for G.H, Peloton, Sydney
Dream Job, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra
2011 Expanded Portraits, Artists Gamble with Time, Metro Arts Brisbane 2010 Dream Job, Griffith University Art Gallery (GUAG)
2008 Every Artist is an Institution, Metro Arts QLD
2006 Blow Up the Inside world, University Art Museum, QLD
New Day Painting, SNO Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 GOMA Q, a survey of QLD Art, GOMA, Brisbane (Forthcoming July 2015 2014 Seen + Heard, Works and Multiples from the Collection, Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).
2014 Everyday I am day older, Griffith University Art Gallery,(Brisbane)
Seen and Heard, Gallery of Modern Art, (Brisbane)
2013 Surface Noise, Bus Projects
2013 Remix. Post. Connect, The University of Queensland, National artists Self-Portrait Prize 2013
2012 Mostly Agree, Stills Gallery, Sydney
Episodes, AASS ARI, Brisbane
2011 After Glow Monash Gallery Melbourne
2010 Queensland Art, Pestorius Sweeney House, QLD
2009 Temperature 2 New Queensland Art, Museum of Brisbane, QLD I Have Not Been Myself Lately, Queensland College of Art Gallery

Other Projects
2006 Personal Other World (POW) Canberra Contemporary Art Space 2006 Blow up the Inside world University of Queensland QLd
2004 Post Contemporary Painting (PCP) Institute Of Modern Art, Brisbane 2004 Unpop, The Farm, Brisbane
Artist Run Projects /Exhibition Spaces
2012-present Fingers for Brisbane, Fingers for Queensland
2000-2002 Project 11, Sydney City
1993-2000 CBD Gallery, Sydney City

Selected Music & Performance
2015 Weekend Immendorf, Art Bar, Museum of Contemporary Art, March
2014 Eggvein, Art Bart, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, September Weekend Immendorf, Colour Music, Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra, August 2013 Eggvein, Peloton Performance month 3 November.
2012 Eggvein, Boxcopy closing event. 28 July.
2011 Expanded Portraits, 27 28 June (with Eggvein) Metro Arts, Brisbane 2008 Five Mountains Collective , Sala Tiga, Jakarta, Indonesia, October Music Composition (for other artists)
2013 Soundtrack, The Dinner Party (artist Richard Bell)
2010 Soundtrack, Broken English (artist, Richard Bell)
2009 Soundtrack, Scratch an Aussie (Artist Richard Bell0
2009 Soundtrack, Waru (artist Vernon Ah Kee).

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