The process of art making is for me a shared experience with multiple participants and outcomes. The exhibition space is not only a place of display but also one of critical discussion and playful social engagement. So increasingly my practice involves the audience as an active agent, transmitter and medium of the work. This is driven by my fundamental desire to connect and think with other people.

I am interested in how alienation impedes and curiously sometimes enables our freedom and ultimate happiness. Working across a diverse range of tactile and electronic media, I disassemble bodily states of alienation through visual jokes and the modification of the physical and the digital space. These interventions involve redesigning and transforming spaces into compellingly intimate zones for personal transformation and self-creation.

Alienation Studio (Sweating Bullets) from David Thomas on Vimeo.

I absorbed and re-mixed the singular characters of Larry David and Don Logan, from the television series Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the film Sexy Beast. The video composition is a meditation on the struggle between Cartesian subjectivity and Phenomenological being. These are two philosophical monoliths that underpin the contemporary self. To add the portentous musical mood that this work’s  content requires, I over dubbed a home made video sequence that emulates the ubiquitous ‘how to play guitar’ You Tube tutorials.

Director and Videography Suzanne Howard
Edit and Soundtrack David M Thomas


I Am Quite Sure I do Not Understand the Question (2008) high definition video (5.00 min) from David Thomas on Vimeo.

I Am Quite Sure I Do Dot Understand the Question, is an engagement with the mechanics of comedy and the a questionaire designed to map core individual values. The video performance work unwittingly engages with theories present in Henri Bergson’s Laughter and the Meaning of the Comic, (1911). This text developed my understanding of the mechanism of comedic discursiveness. The relationship between the character of the clown and the interviewer, both played by myself are intended to metaphorically present how one might feel in a situation where one is being prompted by personal propositions regarding their most internalised beliefs.
Performance, sound and video edit – David M Thomas