July 30 – 14 August 2016

Closing event, artist talk and performances by ∑GG√E|N and Weekend Immendorff  Sunday the 14 August

4/18 Mountain View Ave, Miami
+61 405 103 255

Capital’s End – Communion of the Human

I was talking to a man who saw this show, he asked me if this was a group show and I thanked him and said yes. That he thought each of the works was made by a different person pleased me greatly. Because this is in some sense is the case, for two reasons, firstly there are large gaps of time between the making of each of the works, up to a decade in some cases. These gaps create a difference or should. All the works were made during my time living in Brisbane.  Some works were made around the time we moved in 2003 and the major work the sculpture with the singing screens was made specifically for the show in the middle of 2016. The second reason this was a kind of group show was the video sculptures are made with other people. Erica Scott and Ben Crowley, both exceptional artists who live in Brisbane, made the structure from materials and suggestions I supplied. I very much enjoyed this mode of aesthetic social group work.

I am very conscious that exhibitions are often expected to be vehicles for presenting consistent bodies of work that represent the artist’s consistent and singular vision. The shows and artists I like don’t tend to be concerned with this at all, each work has a life, a story and an intention of their own. The combination of work creating no easily expressible one liner explanation of intent, how could it and why should it.

Here’s another Francis Picabia quote for you, may be the best one, ‘That which I create is never understood, not even by me… is there anything to Understand?’ Picabia 1952.

David M. Thomas 2017


Communion of the Human 2017 from David Thomas on Vimeo.